you have to walk with a purpose or else.
i think i have a cold. not a serious one, but a sort of semi-one. if that makes any sense at all. like i have a sorethroat and i sneeze more than usual. so i have something. hmm. i should probably go to bed now. i will be walking a lot in the morning. for fun and stuff. no, it's for aidswalk really. support, i suppose.

anyways. life has been good...for the most part at least.

i hate when my mom fucking yells at me to do shit. you know it gets old and becomes more and more annoying. seriously, she pisses me off every time. she repeats herself like 5 times. sure i still don't do what she says so she yells so more. i'm like, "hello, i heard you the first time. you don't need to keep yelling." obviously she doesn't understand this concept because she still continues to yell after the first time. blah.

the only people that don't seem to piss me off are my friends. that makes sense though cuz if they did piss me off then we really wouldn't be friends. i am scared to go to college. i don't want meet new people. i like the people i know now. they make me happy. what if the new people i meet don't like me? what if they don't like my stoopid sense of humor is funnie? what if they think i'm really weird? i'm scared. another thing that scares me is the fact that i will somewhat independent. i can't imagine myself being a college student. i'm too immature. i'll probably get pushed around and told what to do cuz i can't stand up for myself. i just take the shit people give to me, which is not good at all. i will have to fix that. how i will is a good question. sigh.

why do things/people have to change? why can't they just stay the same? life would get boring, that's why.